Small Talk Hospitality is a women-owned and operated creative hospitality collective, based in Chicago. We aspire to bring the joy we have found in the beverage industry to our local community, fostering a positive and sustainable culture in our relationships, both with colleagues and the environment. 

We take a hospitality-first approach to everything we do. We are in this business to care; care for our guests, our employees, our environment, and our community. And while we know that hospitality is paramount, we also know the importance of creative and well-curated beverage programs and events. We work with local purveyors to make sure we’re using the best ingredients we can, while being diligent to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. 

We work to provide opportunities and mentorship to the next generation of hospitality nerds, because we truly believe that it is our job to take our knowledge, and pass it on. 

Photo by: Kristina Veltri

Photo by: Kristina Veltri

Want to work together? Let us know! You can contact our team at info@smalltalkhospitality.com.